Thursday, 14 October 2010


Today i am going to put this max factor mascara to the test and see if it really makes your lashes as fabulous as they claim. Scroll down to see moree..

Product description:
'Unlike some other volumising mascaras that only create volume at the base, new False Lash Effect Mascara wraps each lash right to the tip for a false lash effect.
Max Factor's biggest ever brush with 50% more bristles gives a sweep of never-ending volume for a glamorous look you never thought your own lashes could give you.'

Okay, so below is a photo of my natural lashes. (Sorry about my eyebrows i like to keep them thick so they may look a little messy lol :o) )

BEFORE: Ok so as you can see my natural lashes are not very long and their also quite light!

DURING: This was me applying the mascara for the first time. The Brush seemed very easy to use as its lage size provided easy coverage for my lashes.

AFTER: Ta-daa! and the results?- I found it easy and quick to apply. It also provided incredible lash seperation and the length improved dramatically. Volume wise, i though it could have been better but besides that it gets a 5 OUT OF 5!

The greater thing is that it now costs £3 less so is only £7.99 at boots.
WORTH IT!! :o)!

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  1. Woow! :o omg i think im going to buy that mascara next time i go out! Lovely review :)