Friday, 10 August 2012

Review of 'Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation'

Was I was having a carefree day in MAC oo-ing and ahh-ing over all their gorgeous cosmetics and pondering on which one I ought to purchase next?
NO I was certainly not! With only change to spare, I was in tescos wondering up and down like a headless chicken after having completely finished every tub of foundation i owned- literally no drops left even at the bottom! Anyways, here i am torn between going for Maybelline.. a foundation i have been all too familiar with in the past. A foundation I could rely on to give me silky smooth perfection in a flash, no matter what shade i wore!..
Yes i am a very pale madam and at times I buy darker shades in order to make others and sadly even myself, believe I look like I originate from an area of exotic climate! I do confess and tbh I dont know whether this is sad, or if its sadder that I am infact Medeterranean yet do not look it!
Anyways, back to tescos.. mindlessly wondering up and down the isle, 'Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation' Catches my eye and the 'natural-looking' packaging and matte feel of the liquid was enough for the little voice in my head to persuade me into buying it!

After the first use I was REPULSED. IT WAS DISGUSTING. Just reminiscing over this experience is making me VOM! But i must do it, in order to save you, SAVE YOU ALL!

Do not do it friends! If you see a foundation youve never been let down by before, YES, invest that extra two pounds! (Sorry I forgot to mention this Rimmel one was only £5.99, whilst the Maybelline was was £8. something and i needed £2 to buy milk! #StudentLife #DontJudgeMe)

Firstly, it did not provide 'matte' coverage! It was patchy! It dried on my skin quicker than superglue and whether you tried to blend the patches with fingertips, a make-up sponge or a brush, it just wiped it off.

My Advice: Avoid Like the plague. Wait that extra week for payday and invest in a foundation that gives you that 'Ooo-la-la' feeling!

(However, this is the only blip i've had with Rimmel as their mascaras, lipsticks and nail polishes are fab!)

I hope this helped anyone else who gives buying this product a second thought over the pricetag!

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