Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sorry for not posting for such a long timee...

Hey Guys,
Hope everybody had an amazing chrismas and have made the most of the recent sales (Something i will be dedicating a post to in the near future :) , ive been so busy i havent had time to stop to make a post...

Anyways.. one of the main reasons ive been so busy is due to me preparing myself for these january examss X_X eeek!!
Sooo ive decided to make a post to help any of you guys that may be in the same boat as me by providing a few tips when revising! =)


- Time- I know generally people would suggest making a timetable but for me it wont work as i would usually find myself procrastinating... so instead of arranging your revision sessions by time- arrange it by setting yourself goals. E.g. Today i will write up my plan for my english essay, and read the first sub-topic on biology. etc

- Setting- Make sure your in a place where there is peace and quiet and where you cant be distracted. Hence doing it in a messy bedroom will make you think after 'ahh now i know why mums been bugging me for the past week. Let me Clean it up.' Then you use up the day cleaning your bedroom just to avoid your work.

- Drink Water- keep hydrated, it will help your brain keep concentration.

- Snacks- im not sure if this is a psychological thing but i find that eating sugars etc slows my brain down haha so stick to snacking on fruit or veg

- Last but not least... (and i know on this point i am being a bit hypocritical) do not leave it till last minute!! Last week you might be able to get away with, but last day is a nono!)

Anyways, hope this was useful, feel free to comment and share some of your own tips!
Have a fabulous new years!


  1. Awww great post marseloo :) x x x

  2. goood tips. I like the 'stay hydrated' one ;)
    love your hair in the other pics!!
    xo lina

  3. Aaah these are so true! Great tips!
    I also love your hair! <3

  4. Cool Channel!
    Hey Girls! Plz check out and follow my new blog
    thanks so much!

  5. Hey Guys thankyou so much :)
    Ive checked out all of your blogs and left a few comments!
    Hope youve all had a fab christmas and new years!